5 Legit Ways Your Car Can Shape-Shift

It’s an unseasonably toasty February day in Toronto.

Bar patios have been haphazardly thrown open to accommodate the demand of all the delighted, fresh-air-seeking patrons.

Motorcyclists peek out on newly—if temporarily—clear, dry roads, and convertible drivers tentatively drop their tops to let in that Vitamin D.

Though it’s MUCH too early to be thinking about it, we can’t help but daydream about all the ways your car can be your best, most multifunctional companion in the coming spring and summer months—fit for business trips, road trips, or any other kind of trip you’ve got on the horizon.

So what else can your car become? Dream big!

1. A Badass Office


You don’t even need to be a traveling salesman to get some stuff done in your car.

Strap one of these multifunctional trays on and make calls, update schedules, participate in e-meetings, or just eat some McD’s.

2. A Pretty Functional Bed


If you try to tell me you’ve never been in a position when you’ve at least considered sleeping in your car, you are lying and you know it.

This blow-up mattress even accommodates that footwell gap, which has claimed many a sound (if cramped) sleeper.

3. Pickup truck? You’ve got an Observatory



You’ve definitely seen this truck-bed-full-of-pillows image floating around, and there’s a reason.

This is just awesome. Not sure if she’s got one of these blue babies under all that fluff, but wouldn’t you say that would be 100% more cushy? Take it to the drive-in, on a summer road trip (hope there’s no rain!), or as everyone else suggests: stargazing.

4. A Mobile Closet



For road-trippers, salespeople, frequent tailgaters, etc.

Forgo the squashed clothes duffle and keep looking like a boss with smooth suits, fresh undies, and a change of clothes for the night (out or in).

5. A Fashion Statement for the Best of Them


If you’re already looking like a boss, throw your car a bone and give it some TLC and style points of its own.

Throw in some mats with a custom embroidered nickname or phrase to live by, or try out some Mossy Oak CamoMats if you’re an outdoorsy type.

I’ve got just a few shape-shifts here…have you got more?

Happy customizing!!

-Mat’er of Opinion

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