RE: Introduction

Hello again 🙂

After the Mat’er of Opinion published her post, it got me thinking.

None of you have really heard (through this or the previous blog) some of my core opinions on cars and why I am such a petrol-head. So I figured that I would take a similar form in explaining where my interest in the subject comes from and how that affects my topics and opinions in each of my posts.

First, what is known. I love Top Gear UK and thus The Grand Tour. However, I love it for a different reason than I love cars.

It is so tremendously entertaining because of its social commentary and review style while accomplishing a pretty simple task: reviewing cars. Were it to just tell you the facts of a car, it would be a very quick show indeed and you would have the basic information you need about each vehicle without much context. The greatness in the show is in its playful delivery of the review, and in the obvious bond that the three hosts share, which carried them all across the pond together to pursue this new venture in The Grand Tour.

What I love about cars, though, is a little different. You can only truly get to know a car in a racing environment and with a standard transmission. They all have a different feel to them and each wants to be driven a certain way. Even how the car reacts when you change gears is unique to each. Getting the fastest lap times is about “knowing” a car and taking it to its absolute limits (in designated autosport environments, of course).

So now that you know where my love for them comes from, look forward to lots of auto discussions in all their shapes and sizes in the future 🙂

So long and happy driving!


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