Enter The Mat’er of Opinion


Hello there.

I realized after the last post by MatintheHat, that if I was going to have an opinion on the supposedly smashing Top Gear in my first post (and being that I work for an automotive supply company), I’d better suck it up and watch the first episode of The Grand Tour.


And just as grudgingly, after a few clever British chirps and #fastshinyprettything sightings, I found that it was pretty damn entertaining.

I am not a car person. Not at all. I do believe they are very pretty, and, dare I say, sexy as hell on occasion, but that about sums it up for me.

(Oh, and that driving standard is awesome.)

But I like cars because:

  1. They are pretty darn pretty
  2. They get me places I need to go
  3. They give me a sense of security from the extreme cold/devastating heat
  4. They relieve the burden of hauling groceries home when you’ve wildly underestimated how heavy food actually is
  5. They feel a bit like your own mobile apartment
  6. Driving is fun
  7. Convertibles are a little piece of freedom
  8. Driving standard feels like you’ve become a machine

Yet I believe I’m not the only autonewbie who feels just a little bit alienated when car people start talking about V6 engines, DRS, and Jerome D’ambrosio (who happens to be threateningly handsome but I’m sure his attributes go beyond that).

So on my part for MatMyCar’s blog, I’ve taken it upon myself to examine the fancy car knowledge of MatintheHat, break it down into human words, and hopefully have a bit of a chat about things that everyone has the potential to know and love about cars.

Because knowledge is power!

Ahem…but on this subject let me just say I’m on team McLaren P1—I gotchu Jeremy Clarkson.

Especially because driving it is apparently like “Begbie in Trainspotting lobbing a pint pot over his shoulder in a nightclub and starting a bar fight.”

And it’s the prettiest.


-Mat’er of Opinion

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