The Practical Applications of “Impractical” Driving Skills

Good morning, readers!

Today I thought I’d take a lighter, more “fun fact” approach to the post as opposed to the usual ranting lol. The main things I want to talk about today are the benefits of learning how to operate a standard transmission and applying “Racing Line Theory ” to everyday driving. That video is an awkward English boy giving the specifics, but generally the theory is about taking the shortest possible distance to any destination (the closest route possible to a straight line). I’ll get back to that later, though, first is the standard transmission. A lot of people think it’s a lot of work and there are only detriments to having one (not being able to eat a sandwich, apply makeup, fiddle with things, etc.) but there are many added benefits once you simplify your drive to just focusing on the road and taking calls on your headset. The most significant benefits are the better fuel economy and the lower cost of maintenance. The lower fuel consumption is fairly simple as you can choose the gear and as such keep the RPMs as low as you want them and there is no slippage between gears like in an automatic transmission which burns added fuel. The manual transmission is also mechanically simpler causing it to weigh less, cost less (both to purchase and maintain) and be easier to repair than the automatic transmission. It’s also far more engaging to drive, forcing you to focus more and most likely deterring accidents.

Racing Line, as stated above, is making the straightest line from point A to B. Obviously because you’re travelling less distance, you burn less fuel but also driving in smooth arcing lines puts less strain on the engine to work against the other forces acting on your car. Your engine doesn’t work as hard and you get around corners faster; this is also a lot more fun 😉

So if you’re searching for a new car, try going manual! You’ll be glad you did.

And next time you’re out driving, try basic racing lines, especially on lightly used roads. You’ll find that it brings a bit more excitement to your daily grind.

Until next time car fans,

Mat in the Hat

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